Shed by me, my family, and my friends. Pain inspired me to become an artist, inspired me to express my feelings, inspired me to show compassion through art and make sense of how suffering can exist in a complex world.


Growing up in Washington, DC, there wasn’t a commercial market in Hip-Hop which made it even harder to flourish. The drips of sweat came from working endlessly to improve my craft.  Sweat fell during long nights and hours as I worked to support my art. They fell leading the ones who support me trough the fire.  In mastering the creative process, the sweat falls as I continue to bring my dream to life.


Being born in Washington DC into a family where nothing was normal. Tears fell seeing my mother survive tragedy and raise four kids on her own. Tears fell losing sisters, friends, and countless loved ones. Tears fell when I unfortunately lost my music that I had passionately created in 2015. Tears fell from betrayal; having ones you love not care about your dream. AND tears will forever fall from the joy in my heart that I experience from creating songs, sharing them and making a difference in the world.

«Those three attributes made me who I am. Through that fire I learned what love is. That love, inspired and pushed me to make my Ep “Delusions of Grandeur.” Instead of going dark with my music I chose to go towards the light. I chose to put other people before me and tell their stories. That process taught me how to be selfless, how to fight through adversity, and most importantly to keep dreaming. The world is chaotic, we see it everyday, with my art, my passion and music.  my intentions are to make a difference and save lives.»
– Welcome to my World! I AM… ARealLifeRebel